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Sacred healing Art - what are "CODES"?

Angel CODE Soul Path of Love MANTRA 11x Char Nya Gi Gaia

A sound mantra is received including the number of times it is sounded, to activate, ground and anchor the CODE through the body to earth.
CODES - Consciously Opening Doors to Enlightenment

CODES are forms of Sacred Art for healing and transformation. The artist sets an intention and receives the code from the higher frequencies of the spiritual planes through a deep meditation journey.
CODES are energetic packages of higher consciousness. They offer energetic transmissions for a specific purpose that activates and opens a soul’s energy system to a new level of consciousness.

This may be for awakening, activating, blessing, healing, connection, ascension or enlightenment.  They work at the cellular DNA level of the Being.  Often in the CODES you will recognize sacred geometries and symbols. Colour, form, texture, placement are all subtle energies that contribute to the overall energy transmissions.

CODES are drawn within the sacred circle.  This represents the Circle of Light and of Love which is continuity of the “I AM that I AM and All That Is”. Surrounding and sometimes within CODES you will see inscriptions of “Light Language” sourced beyond the Earth realms.  The outside circle of “Light Language” is the blessing for the CODE.  If you are sensitive and can feel into energies you may “read” the energy of the inscriptions by running your hand over the outer circle area.
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Sacred Art-The Artist's Journey

Each CODE is a journey – from a beautiful space of meditation the CODE unfolds.  It is a mystery, for one sees, feels or senses only in each moment by moment, what is to be drawn.  I’ve learned to trust my intuitive knowing and to become aware when my mind attempts to direct my work.  Sometimes I stop and step back to view the art and am surprised to see it through new perspectives as the mystery unfolds.  Often I will be displeased with my CODE or feel resistance and the need to stop and continue at another time.  This indicates I’m integrating the energies as I process the energies and receive them fully. As I ground and anchor the code through my Being, I learn to observe the feelings and thoughts arising.  Often these are uncomfortable, as I am healing old patterns arising, which is the purpose of the CODE. 

Carolyn-Ann Cini Lakshini      

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Colour is a key energy frequency to which I respond. Sometimes colour will be reworked in the code as I integrate.  I remember an early CODE drawing of my “Soul Signature” in which the shade of light purple made me nauseous – an image flashed of clerical robes of gold and purple, reminded me of a past life trauma.  Later, as I felt drawn to re-colour a richer, deeper shade of purple, the feelings passed and I could continue to work with the  CODE again. My healing journey is often through the frequencies of colour - my CODE would be very black and white I guess if I didn't respond to colour!
I love CODE art.  I’ve never had a drawing lesson in my life so bringing through the art is a wonderful and mostly joyous process. Above all, I feel the power of these transmissions and now am delighted to be incorporating my codes in my coaching and healing work. The C.O.D.E activates the energies of the cellular DNA imprints for release, allowing deep healing and transformation in the recipient.

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Human CODE Soul Path of Love
MANTRA 11x Char Nya Gi Gaia
My art is an unfolding journey for me.  For someone like me with a Science degree and a well developed analytical, logical mind, it’s been a challenge and I've received many blessed gifts. I appreciate especially, the gift of learning to trust my intuitive knowing -to be in the moment as the colours, forms, geometries, symbols and textures unfold before my eyes.

My wish is that you will receive and benefit from these gifts, as I do. Enjoy!

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Bring yourself into a relaxed state and open up your energy field to the field of unlimited love and light that is the unified field of consciousness, all around you.  You can do this simply by expanding and opening through your heart space. Breathe into the centre of your chest to expand and open. Then imagine connecting to all the trees, flowers, oceans, the crystal and earth kingdoms and beyond to the stars, galaxies, universes.
Focus your awareness and attention on the code image.  Say “I ask this code to activate and spin through my entire Being; the cells, the DNA, the meridians, chakras and the energy matrix of your multi-dimensional Being", as you sound the mantra in deep resonant tones. The number of times is indicated.  You will open to a new level of consciousness appropriate for you, related to the
CODE purpose, at this time. Continue to work with the CODE over time,until you feel your energy shift.