The Angelic Heart Prisms project includes several code series to assist any soul to open to new levels of consciousness. The CODES are in groups (a CODEX), each with a specific purpose.  A group of CODES may assist in connecting you to your specific soul lineage or soul path or soul gifts. Essentially CODES assist a soul’s potential to evolve and only specific CODES are relevant to you at any time. Each CODE opens a doorway for your consciousness to expand in relation to the intention of the CODE.  It is beautifully simple, effective and easy way to receive the rebalancing of your energies in this way, as there is no involvement and potential resistance from the conscious "ego" mind. Therein lays the power of sacred sound and art as restorative energy balancing tools.
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The gallery showcases a sample of 5 codes that are part of a series of eleven codes for those of us journeying on "The Soul Path of Love", which is
one of the 7 soul paths.

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There are 7 different soul lineages. Each lineage has a Master CODE and there are 11 CODES for the gifts acquired on the soul's journey. The images below show the Master CODE and 4 gifts of "The Old Souls Lineage".

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