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Perhaps enriching your spaces with some love and/or creative vibes may interest you? OR If life’s uncertain, opening to embrace the mystery that is you and your life. Each drawing opens you to a new consciousness related to the healing theme.

Samples from left to right below:

"Shining Forth the Light of Wisdom and Truth" - throw pillow/or cover

"Inspiring The Creative You" - Tote Bag

"Unleash Your Creative Muse" - iPad case and skin

I’ve chosen 7 of the 150 CODES - each available in all product forms


A selected range of limited release designs on blank greeting cards and in A4 prints can be purchased by contacting Lakshini Phone: 612 4382 2587  0438 733 517    CLICK to email 

Blank Greeting Cards - Three designs shown:
From left to right:  Master Guide; Divine Relationship; Divine Love; Not shown above: Inner Guide Soul Path of Love ; Human Soul Path of Love

To view in detail all codes: hover over the Thumbnail Gallery Images below and click

LAMINATED CODES The full range of over 150 CODES can be purchased as laminated A4 CODES. If you would like me to choose a CODE for you Click to contact me or phone or email                              

Blank Greeting Cards

  • Divine Love
  • Divine Relationship
  • Path of Love - Inner Guide
  • Path Of Love - Master Guide
  • Human - Soul Path of Love

Cost: $6.50 per card

Mixed Packs of four cards:

Cost: $24 plus postage

A4 size prints

Cost: $25.00 plus postage

Framed prints:

Cost: $35.00 plus postage 


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